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Top 10 Reasons Your Company Needs an Employee Drug Testing Program

We at S.A.M.O., LLC understand that employee drug testing is a controversial issue in today's work environment. With a primary concern of whether or not drug testing is a violation of privacy and employee rights, the simple fact is any employer (Non-DOT or DOT) has a right to prefer non-drug users.

Here are the top 10 reasons why your company needs an Employee Drug Testing Program.

#1 Safety

Employee Drug testing is not about invading employee privacy it's about maintaining health and safety standards within the work environment.

#2 Reduced Health Insurance Costs

Employee Drug Testing Programs can greatly reduce health insurance premiums and health costs for the company. By reducing the amount of medical costs related to work accidents and drug related illness the company significantly reduces overall costs.

#3 Qualities of Work

Employee Drug Testing Programs ensure the quality of work is not affected by substance abuse.

#4 Reduced Turnover

Employee Drug Testing Programs such as pre-employment screening help to reduce the risk of hiring someone who you may have to let go due to substance abuse.

#5 Reduced Absenteeism

Employee Drug Testing Programs reduce absenteeism and sick leave, which can be devastating to any company in terms of both cost and company morale.

#6 Reduced Work Related Accidents

Accidents can and will happen it's just the law of nature, but accidents are more likely when there are drugs involved. Employee Testing Programs can act as a deterrent to drug use.

#7 Reduced Recruitment Costs

The cost of firing, hiring and training can be elevated if your turnover rates are high. An Employee Drug Testing Program can help to reduce these costs by ensuring employees are drug free.

#8 More Productive Employees

A drug free workforce can increase efficiency and you are more likely to meet company goals and maintain a high level of development.

#9 Reduced Work Environment Conflict

Conflict in the work place can result in diminished productivity and effectiveness. It is common for drug users to suffer from mood swings and irrational behavior patterns. This can cause conflict in the workplace and is not conducive to a harmonious environment. Employee Drug Testing Programs are adept at recognizing these situations and implementing appropriate testing standards.

#10 Fewer Thefts and Claims

There have been a proven reduction in thefts and claims in companies where employee testing is practiced. These programs significantly contribute to a more safe, productive and conflict free environment.

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