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Drug & Alcohol Testing

Breath Alcohol Technicians

S.A.M.O., LLC conducts DOT and NON-DOT alcohol testing using DOT approved evidential breath testing devices. All of our collectors are Certified Breath Alcohol Technicians meeting all standards as required by the Federal Governments 49 CFR Part 40 procedures and have completed individualized training specific to the Evidential Breath Testing Devise.

Urine Drug Collection

S.A.M.O., LLC Technicians go through extensive training to meet all DOT requirements for Urine Collection Qualification. Our technicians are required to enroll in and pass a course specifically designed to comply with DOT regulations pertaining to collectors. DOT rules require all collectors undergo basic knowledge and qualification training plus proficiency training.

Instant Result Urine Collection - NON-DOT

As an alternative to sending a urine specimen to a certified laboratory, there are many circumstances where there is a need for "instant" drug test results. S.A.M.O., LLC offers on-site drug testing using immediate response testing products, we can identify negative specimens in as little as five minutes. These products are cost effective, accurate, and easy to administer. They are available in 5-panel, 6-panel, 8-panel and also 10-panels, all of which are approved by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration. Please note: Instant Result Collection Kits are not approved by the FDA for DOT testing.

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