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What is S.A.M.O., LLC?
S.A.M.O., LLC (Substance Abuse Management On-site)

S.A.M.O., LLC is a Kalamazoo Michigan based company that provides a cost effective, mobile, efficient, and legally sound, program to minimize substance and alcohol use on the job. Our emphasis is on quality service and keeping your present work force intact. We offer professional assistance in designing and implementing a substance and/or alcohol-testing program, and then coordinate a testing schedule for our certified technicians to collect specimens at your facility. We service all of West Michigan and Northern Indiana.

"For Safety's Sake"

Who is S.A.M.O., LLC?

We are certified technicians that care about the safety of your work environment. After working 20 + years in the Occupational Medicine setting, we saw a need to provide drug and alcohol testing that would be more cost effective and convenient for you, the employer.

With travel time, plus waiting time in the doctor's office or other clinical settings, employees that have been selected for testing, are spending too many hours away from their jobs, costing you the employer thousands of dollars in lost production. That is why we come to you!

Our mobility service saves your company money - and that is the bottom line!

Kalamazoo, Michigan 49048

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