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S.A.M.O., LLC can help you achieve your goal to have a Drug Free Workplace. The following 4 services will get you on your way.

  1. Customized policy development - each policy is developed to meet the specific needs of the client company -each policy includes step by step consequences of a "positive" drug test result.

  2. Complete program implementation - S.A.M.O., LLC will coordinate between you (the client-company), laboratory, and Medical Review Officer. We will provide certification/verification of all drug screen results.

  3. Medical Review Officer (MRO) - S.A.M.O., LLC utilizes a licensed physician, who is responsible for receiving and reviewing all "positive" drug test results from the laboratory. The MRO will contact all individuals testing "positive" to inquire about possible prescription or over-the-counter medications which may have caused a "positive" test result.

  4. One monthly itemized invoice - no need to keep track of laboratory, collection site, Medical Review Officer's invoicing. S.A.M.O., LLC will send you one monthly invoice.

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